Qourt Intelligence uses the data generated by a court for generating intuitive visualisations, analytics and reports for informed decision making to improve court performance.
The robust analytics engine can be automated to analyse court data on various parameters and periodically generate customizable reports with actionable insights. Court performance reports can be controlled through various views including a ‘public’ view option, that brings in accountability and increases trust and confidence in the justice system. Qourt’s reports enable visual representation of data for increased aesthetics and comprehension and can be generated in various formats.

Qourt Intelligence runs on Microsoft Power BI, Al & ML technologies and easily connects to multiple data sources to visualize (or discover) what’s important and share that with anyone or everyone. Qourt Intelligence is robust and enterprise-grade, ready not only for extensive modelling and real-time analytics, but also for custom development for product analytics specific to the court.
Intuitive Data Visualizations
Numerous data visualizations and customized dashboards for court staff, the judiciary and the legal community for decision making and understanding the court activities in time.

Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting
Qourt analytics and reporting feature helps decipher and make sense of all the data generated by court processes for case management.
Reports with many visualizations, on multiple pages if necessary, and let the court to arrange those visualization in whatever way best tells its story. Year to date reports on all aspects of case management associated to case type, parties, judges, court rooms, schedules, cause list etc.
Dashboards, Analytics & Reports can be deployed at any court with minimum customization to monitor progress on all the stages of the cases managed by the court. Every aspect of court and case management can be measured from a dashboard by segment/department within the court and details can be drilled into specific areas of information for decision making.

Qourt Intelligence Dashboards and Reports

Monthly and yearly case statistics related to active and closed cases for measuring case progress

Comparative Analytics on cases to understand case closure details based on case type, average time period, association with case events to identify critical case management information

Case Event Analytics

Dashboards specific to Judges, Court Registrar, CPO and Parties

Judges Analytics based on grade, utilization, number of cases, court wise etc.

Judges Availability Calendar

Court room Utilization Insights

Analytics on Lawyers, Law firms and Parties

Court Fee Analytics

Registration and Renewal of Lawyers and Law Firms

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