Qourt for Bar Councils & Associations

Qourt for Bar Councils, an advanced cloud-based system, modernizes and digitizes bar councils’ workflows. Seamlessly connecting council members, staff, advocates, and government entities, it supports e-Governance initiatives.


  1. Public web portal
  2. Advocate Enrolment
  3. Certificate Of Practice
  4. Grievance Redressal
  5. Welfare Fund Management
  6. Loans Management
  7. BAR Association Management
  8. Stamp Sale
  9. Election Management
  10. Finance Management
  11. Inventory Management
  12. Dashboard and Reporting
  13. Document Management
  14. E-Discovery


  1. Streamlined back-end processes and BAR/legal counsel operations automation.
  2. Efficient delivery of e-services for day-to-day transactions.
  3. Seamless interaction between members and council/association.
  4. Automated back-office operations.
  5. Timely access to information and quality services.
  6. Integration with associated entities like Law Ministry, Courts, etc.
  7. Data integration with existing applications.

Enhance Bar Council efficiency with Qourt’s unified software for streamlined interactions and improved management.

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