Qourt for Digitization of Advocate General (AG) Office

Qourt for AG office enables the digitization of AG office processes, policies, procedures and interactions working along with Courts, Law Department, Government Pleaders and associated stakeholders and entities


  • Management of the cases of the state government and associated departments
  • Seamless interaction with departments, government Pleaders and court management systems
  • Allocation and assignment of the government and public cases to the Government Pleaders/Public Prosecutors
  • Management dashboard for the AG, additional AG’s, DGP’s, state public prosecutor, Government Pleaders, government department heads etc.
  • Integration with government systems
  • Workflow management and automation across the processes associated with the AG office


  • More streamlined and efficient judicial processes across the judicial eco system
  • Seamless management through digitization of the operational environment
  • Framework for working in tandem with all the associated entities
  • Integration with e-courts

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