Qourt for Digitization of Advocate General (AG) Office

Qourt’s implementation transforms legal processes at the Advocate General (AG) Office, ushering in a groundbreaking leap in modernization. This digital platform enhances efficiency and collaboration within the legal ecosystem.


  1. Case Management: Efficiently track state government cases through a centralized digital system.
  2. Interdepartmental Interaction: Foster real-time communication with government departments, Courts, Law Department, and stakeholders.
  3. Allocation and Assignment: Streamline case allocation to optimize workload distribution.
  4. Management Dashboard: Comprehensive dashboard for informed decision-making by AG, additional AGs, DGP’s, state public prosecutor, Government Pleaders, and Department Heads.
  5. Lawyers and Law Firms Management: Digitally manage information for easy access to profiles and billing.
  6. Integration with Government Systems: Seamless integration to avoid redundancy and enhance data accuracy.
  7. Workflow Management and Automation: Streamline processes, reduce manual intervention, and enhance operational efficiency.


  1. Streamlined Judicial Processes: Reduce delays and expedite case resolution.
  2. Seamless Operational Management: Ensure transparency and accountability.
  3. Collaborative Framework: Enhance communication and coordination with government departments, courts, and legal professionals.
  4. Integration with Courts: Facilitate a unified and connected judicial system for improved data sharing.

Qourt’s digitization of the AG office sets the foundation for a modern, technology-driven approach to legal administration, creating an efficient, interconnected, and collaborative ecosystem.

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