Qourt for Department of Prosecution (DOP)

Qourt revolutionizes Prosecution Department operations, fostering seamless digital interactions across courts, police departments, home ministries, and government entities. Our case management software automates state and central government cases, ensuring efficient prosecution representation


  1. Comprehensive Case Management: Streamlined case management for prosecutors.
  2. Lawyers and Law Firms Management: Enrolment, interactions, and billing.
  3. File & Document Management: Efficient document handling for streamlined operations.
  4. Extensive Search System: Robust search for quick information access.
  5. OCR Enabled System: Enhanced document processing with OCR capabilities.
  6. Digitization of Old Documents: Transform old documents into digital formats.
  7. Integration with E-Office System: Seamless operations integration.
  8. Dashboards, Visualisations, and Reporting: Tools for data analysis and reporting.
  9. Management and Automation of Notifications: Streamlined communication with automated alerts.
  10. Modern User Interface: Intuitive interface for an enhanced user experience.
  11. Multi-Lingual System: Catering to linguistic diversity.
  12. Supports AI & Blockchain Technologies: Advanced technologies for enhanced functionality.
  13. Omni-Channel Interface: Interactions through various channels for increased accessibility.


  1. Management of Prosecutors: Efficient organization of prosecutors.
  2. Interaction and Communication: Facilitate communication between DOP, Home Ministry, and stakeholders.
  3. Legal Opinions and Prosecution Advice: Communicate legal opinions and advice.
  4. Review Draft Charge Sheets: Review and provide feedback on police drafts.
  5. Monitoring Day-to-Day Activities: Effective daily activity monitoring for case management.
  6. Segregation of Cases: Identify and segregate specialized cases.
  7. Update and View Case Status: Easily update and view case status and proceedings.
  8. Interface with Courts: Facilitate seamless interactions and data exchange.

Qourt transforms prosecution, ensuring efficiency and collaboration, setting the standard for modern legal administration.

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