Qourt for Tribunals

Qourt for Tribunals streamlines end-to-end processes, including E-filing, case disposition, appeals, and transfers. The platform ensures efficient case management from filing to disposition, enabling convenient online and offline case filing. Real-time case management, jurisdiction handling, appeals, and transfers are seamlessly managed, with thorough scrutiny of claims, documents, and evidence.


  1. Case Redressal Management: Efficiently manages filing to disposition.
  2. Real-time Case Management: Dynamic case resolution for swift results.
  3. Jurisdiction Management: Handles jurisdiction, appeals, and transfers.
  4. Scrutiny of Claims: Ensures thorough examination of claims and documents.
  5. Scheduling and Hearing Management: Optimizes event scheduling, consultations, and hearings.
  6. Judges Portal: Empowers judges with comprehensive access to case data.
  7. Automatic Roster Management: Streamlines case assignment and roster management.
  8. Cause List Management: Monitors case pendency with efficient list management.
  9. Fee Management: Manages fees and implements penalties.
  10. Notifications: Sends timely alerts for key case events.
  11. Role-Based User Access: Ensures secure access with role-based user management.
  12. Dashboards and Reporting: Provides comprehensive reporting tools for insights.


  1. Real-time Case Management: Dynamic resolution for efficiency.
  2. Efficient E-registry: Enhances overall registry and workflow efficiency.
  3. Integration with Higher Courts: Establishes cohesive connections for enhanced coordination.
  4. Seamless Integration: Integrates with existing systems for data consistency.
  5. Omni-channel Accessibility: Offers user-friendly access through various channels.

Qourt for Tribunals optimizes operations, fostering efficiency and collaboration with a robust digital infrastructure for the legal ecosystem.

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