Qourt for Tribunals

Qourt Framework can be deployed to provide Complaints Redressal for Tribunals, enabling the end-to-end management of tribunals from E-filing/registration of claims to case disposition, appeals and transfers. Tribunals can seamlessly interact with complainants, respondents, enforcement agencies, courts, lawyers and governments for timely and efficient processing and settlement of cases.

Features & Benefits:

  • Online/Offline Filing
  • Scrutiny of claims, case documents, evidence and files
  • Comprehensive real-time case management – multiple or single
  • Claims/Complaints Status
  • Classification and prioritisation of cases based on case types and significance
  • Judges Portal for judges with all the data and events associated with the cases
  • Case Events based on case plan and document filings
  • Fee Management & Penalties
  • Case Plan & Events
  • Scheduling Events, Consultations & Hearings
  • Automatic Management of rosters and cases for Judges and staff
  • Notifying all stakeholders of key events through notices and publications
  • Managing access for Judges, staff, lawyers and parties
  • Jurisdiction management, appeals and transfer of cases
  • Extensive search on case details and documents

System Functions:

  • E-filing
  • Complaints & Grievance Redressal System
  • E-registry & Case Management
  • Scheduling, calendaring and hearing management (Virtual & Offline)
  • Cause List Management & Pendency Monitorin
  • Judge & Bench Management
  • Party Management
  • Role Based User Access & Management
  • File, Inventory & Document Automation System
  • Inward & Outward Tapal Managemen
  • Dashboards, Visualisation and Reporting
  • Case transfers and appeals
  • Template Management for setting up notifications
  • Alerts, Reminders & Notification Management
  • Accounting & Finance Management
  • Can be integrated easily with existing systems or applications
  • Omni-channel system

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