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Case Filing

By securely storing all case related documents in a reliable data cloud, Qourt makes them available to judges, lawyers, and litigants, at any time and at any place. All case documents are access controlled with various customizable security settings, for case information, documents, and images all of which are available through either the web or the mobile interface. Qourt is certified secured to prevent data theft, manipulation, and fraud

Case Tracking

Court administrators are frequently swamped under the paperwork necessary to track and manage the innumerable cases moving through different stages of the judicial process. Unavailability or untimely availability of court records, subverts the due process of law and compromises judicial integrity. Qourt’s digital case tracking features prevent even a single case from ‘slipping through the cracks.’ Providing judges, officials, and litigants with a comprehensive view of each case, Qourt enables faster decision making and better case control, promoting fairness, transparency, and efficiency in court administration.

Workflow Management

Moving from the ad-hoc to thoughtfully designed court processes helps ramp up the efficiency of courts. The powerful workflow feature in Qourt , helps set up streamlined processes and workflows that are unique to each individual court. Administrators can easily set up court protocol based workflows for case filing, processing, approvals, and appeals, as well as reproduction and editing of case documents. Qourt’s Workflow Management feature helps expedite cases through the system by helping define the stages, roles, and permissions associated with case management

Standardized Templates

Pre-defined court document templates are useful and reusable, helping alleviate the tedium of creating documents from scratch each time. Qourt’s Templates feature enables court staff to easily create and edit subpoenas, warrants, affidavits, orders, and decisions. The Templates feature enhances employee satisfaction while improving productivity, by enabling staff to process more cases with lesser effort

Calendaring and Scheduling

Intuitive calendaring and scheduling features help simplify the  complexities of managing multiple caseloads. Qourt helps court administrators easily schedule hearings, assign tasks, set reminders, send notifications, and convene staff meetings


Wading through the infinite number of electronic and non-electronic litigation documents costs much time and effort, resources always in short supply in busy court rooms. Qourt’s  powerful search functionality enables courts to rapidly search and mine through documents of all types and formats. The heavily researched algorithms speed up the process of scanning through a large number of litigation related documents, enabling courts to easily and quickly recognize, prioritize, and assemble the core set of documents needed for further study and examination.

Access Control

Courts deal with data and documents that are extremely sensitive and confidential. Qourt is highly secured to prevent misuse and theft of data. Qourt’s built-in access control feature gives courts powerful tools to restrict system features and access to court documents only to authorized stakeholders and personnel. Qourt  can integrate pre-existing court authentication systems like single-sign on and verification, to grant authorized users seamless access to system features and information

Analytics and Reporting

The data generated by a digital paperless court can be used to improve court performance. Qourt analytics and reporting feature helps decipher and make sense of all the data generated by court processes. The robust analytics engine can be automated to analyze court data on various parameters and periodically generate customizable reports with actionable insights. Court performance reports can be controlled through various views including a ‘public’ view option, that brings in accountability and increases trust and confidence in the justice system. Qourt’s reports enable visual representation of data for increased aesthetics and comprehension, and can be generated in various formats.


The lack of timely co-ordination among stakeholders is a primary cause for various delays in the justice system. Qourt’s communication features encompass email, SMS, and other messaging options to help all court stakeholders stay on top with timely and relevant communications.


Electronic payment options greatly ease the procedures to pay court fees and fines. Qourt’s automated payment collection feature simplifies payment procedures further through automatic fee calculation, invoice generation, and billing reducing the administration burden on court staff. Qourt automates all financial aspects of justice administration to make it hassle-free for all stakeholders.

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