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Case Management System
case management

Case Management System

Qourt”, an online collaboration and case management platform, enables remote litigation management with scheduling of court events for online appearance, hearing, and trial. Auto routing and assignment of cases supported by secure document management and extensive analytical dashboards and reports helps the court in settling the cases rapidly. Qourt software is designed for the management of all the components related to Case Management within the judicial court, enabling the digitization and automation of court proceedings and processes associated.


e-Governance & Digitization

Law Qube’s e-Governance and Digitization software framework enables automation of governments, ministries and its associated departments. The system manages all the components of e-Governance, including internal & external entities enabling the digitization and automation of government processes, policies, procedures and interactions. The system can be configured for any type of government/ ministry / department independently as well as for connecting the entire government ecosystem comprising of various ministries and departments, courts and related entities – across state or country.

Major components include:

    • Processing of government services to citizens from filing to dispositions
    • Workflow process automation and interactions associated with staff, secretaries, citizens and other stakeholders
File & Inventory Management

File & Inventory Management System

Eliminate the problem of storing large volume of papers and files.
File & Inventory Management System enables managing and tracking of files, documents and data by staff and stakeholders across departments for enhanced traceability and control. The system will help in automation of workflows and processes, end to end, to facilitate e-Governance. The pain area addressed is overcrowded archiving and storage facilities.

Law & Order

Law & Order

Aiming to solve the lack of coordination and disconnect among various law enforcement agencies and judicial entities, the system enables the seamless consolidation of end to end processes from registering FIR to carrying out judgements or legislative orders

Evidence Management

Evidence Management

The Evidence Management system facilitated by Qourt is an easy to use, time-saving, presentable and efficient document bundling solution which helps users to swiftly compile documents for a number of purposes including court bundles, deal bibles, electronic casebooks, transaction bibles, electronic closing binders, case bundles, e-briefs and report books.
The document bundle is fully searchable, shareable and presentable within a single system with 24/7 access. Once uploaded, the system can automatically create paginated, indexed cases with Bates Stamping as well as generate party and hearing-specific case files.

Complaint Redressal
complaint 3

Complaint Redressal

Qourt framework’s Complaint Registry, leverages the power of technology to help efficiently manage/administer complaints as they progress from initiation through disposition and beyond. The system enables the management of parties, events and plans, fee collection, schedule hearings and council meetings from the complaints registry.



E-Discovery helps to wade through the infinite number of electronic and non-electronic documents, audio & video files thus saving time and effort with human resources. Qourt’s powerful search functionality enables users to rapidly search and mine through documents of all types and formats, audio & video files.

Workflow & Process Management

Workflow & Process Management

Qourt enables standardization of workflows, increases efficiency, removes bottlenecks, eliminates under & over utilization of resources, streamlines communication/coordination across verticals, provides notifications, utilizes clear metrics that empower staff to operate autonomously and roll out the best outcomes.

Qourt Intelligence and Cognitive Services

Qourt Intelligence and Cognitive Services

Qourt’s analytics and reporting feature uses power BI to help decipher and make sense of all the data generated by court processes for case management. It harnesses the power of Microsoft cognitive services to see, hear, speak, search, understand and accelerate decision-making.

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