The fast-paced and rapidly evolving society of 21st-century, demands transparency and quick settlement of Court cases. The traditional document-based litigation filing and the communication related to case notices, summons and related information using snail mail systems drastically increase the case processing time. It further delays matters when parties use this as an opportunity to create planned disruptions of the case processing. Also, it is time consuming for processing the information that has to come from associated departments like government, police etc.
This situation can be overcome by implementing a litigation management system which can send notices, summons and other case-related information directly to the parties, as the case events occur. The system will allow tracking of the delivery of information and associated response, as the event happens. This gives the Court visibility into every step related to case processing, unlike in the traditional filing system where delays related to mail deliveries and receipts are time consuming and difficult to track.
A sound Court management system should be able to handle case registrations, briefings, case matter discovery, case proceedings like filings, counter filings, appearances, evidences, hearings, trials and statutory declarations or affidavits related to cases and along with that sending timely notifications, alerts and getting feedback on the transaction.
It is time that the Judiciary brings up relevant changes to rules and legislations related to case filing and its management, to make it legitimate for the Courts to use systems to improve case processing. Along with that, the right technology and systems can help deliver justice in time, as justice delayed is justice denied!


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