Addressing the challenges within the current judicial system is crucial for ensuring transparency, efficiency, and timely delivery of justice. The existing lack of transparency and delays in proceedings are attributed to various factors, including outdated paper-based filing systems and inefficient case management practices.

Enhancing Transparency:

Current Issue: Lack of transparency in judicial proceedings.

Improvement: Implementing measures to enhance the transparency of court proceedings, such as real-time online case tracking, accessible case databases, and regular updates to involved parties.

Modernizing Case Filing Procedures:

Current Issue: Slow and error-prone traditional paper-based case filings.

Improvement: Transitioning to a modern, digitalized case filing system to streamline processes, reduce errors, and facilitate easier sharing, maintenance, storage, and retrieval of information.

Integrated Information Systems:

Current Issue: Disparate and non-integrated systems leading to difficulties in monitoring and tracking case information.

Improvement: Implementing integrated information systems to ensure seamless communication and information sharing among case parties, lawyers, court administrative staff, and judges, thereby minimizing inconsistencies and delays.

Efficient Handling of Electronic Information:

Current Issue: Overwhelming amount of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) causing delays in reviewing documents.

Improvement: Implementing advanced technologies like AI-assisted document review systems to efficiently handle large volumes of electronic information, expediting the review process.

Backlog Management:

Current Issue: Continuously growing backlog of evidence material and paper filing.

Improvement: Developing a systematic approach to manage and prioritize evidence material, including the adoption of digital storage solutions to alleviate physical space constraints.

Streamlining Scheduling and Planning:

Current Issue: Scheduling conflicts and poor planning leading to disruptions.

Improvement: Implementing effective scheduling systems and planning tools to avoid conflicts and ensure the smooth availability of judges, investigating officers, and associated resources.

Timely Issuing of Notices and Orders:

Current Issue: Delays in issuing notices and orders to involved parties and government agencies.

Improvement: Implementing automated notification systems and processes to ensure the timely issuance of notices and orders, improving overall efficiency.

By addressing these key areas, the judicial system can undergo a significant transformation, resulting in a more transparent, efficient, and responsive judicial framework.


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